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A family business success story

the-foundersIn 1988, Rhonda Martin began her hearing home care service, dedicated to helping those with hearing loss improve their quality of life. She opened her first hearing clinic in 1991 in Toronto’s east end, and was soon joined by her sister, Lisa Martin. Working together, they established a strong presence providing community-based hearing healthcare services as Hear for Life.

Now, with more than two decades of experience, Hear for Life continues to deliver exceptional service, professional advice and an unparalleled commitment to patient care throughout Ontario. The Hear for Life team remains dedicated to providing the very best in hearing healthcare, working hard to help patients hear better and live better every day.

The sisters are very proud of the fact that Hear for Life has a Net Promoter Score of 88%​, meaning almost 9 out of 10 patients ​rate Hear for Life a 9 or 10 out of 10 on their willingness to ​recommend us to their friends and family​.

As leaders in the industry, Rhonda and Lisa are committed to building a professional team that meets the highest hearing healthcare standards, consistently offering the best quality products in an ever-changing industry and providing exceptional customer service every step of the way.

For every patient, Rhonda and Lisa personally guarantee expert hearing care, quality hearing technology, from the most reputable manufacturers, and exceptional service. Patients at Hear for Life can expect to receive everything they need to hear better now and in the future!

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